The Schieffer Seven

The Schieffer Seven: The faculty of the school has set seven outcomes for every student who earns a degree from the school. No matter what the major, every student should have developed these competencies:

  1. Writing and editing: Students will learn to write clearly for diverse audiences across appropriate multimedia platforms, to apply the conventions of the language, to edit, and to critically evaluate their work and that of others.
  2. The tools of mass communications - statistics, research and technology: Students will apply the tools of effective communication practice: research and the evaluation of research, the use of numerical and statistical concepts, and the technology skills used to communicate effectively in their professional area.
  3. Free media: Students will understand and value the principles and laws that underlie a free media system, including their historical antecedents.
  4. Diversity: Students will value diversity in a global society and its impact on information-gathering and adapting messages to an ethnically and culturally heterogeneous audience.
  5. Critical and creative thinking: Students will apply critical, creative, and independent thinking to their professional projects.
  6. Theory: Students will understand concepts and apply theories in the use and presentation of images and information.
  7. Ethical standards: Students will understand professional ethical standards and their relationships to critical professional choices.
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