International Courses

These are the courses that are approved for the International Sequence for Global Strategic Communications and News:


ANTH 20623 Intro Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 30613 Intro to Archaeology
ANTH 30913 Language and Culture
ANTH 30923 Studies in Anthropology: Mass Media and Culture
ANTH 30973 Anthropology & Religion

ART 10043 Intro to Art History
ART 20103 17th & 18th Century European Art
ART 20833 History of Visual Communication
(Dr. Mark Thistlewaite also suggests British Art, Mayan Art and Architecture and Islamic Art and Architecture)

GEOG 10003 World Regional Geography
GEOG 20013 Human Geography
GEOG 30523 Geography of Latin America
GEOG 30713 Urban Geography

HIST (any of a number of courses that deal with the histories of other nations in any era) Some students suggest: 30243 and 30303

PHIL 10003 Philosophy One - Meaning of Life

POSC 10093 Intro Political Science
POSC 20303 International Politics
POSC 30303 Topics in International Politics

RELI 10013 Understanding Religion: World Religions
RELI 30673 Anthropology and Religion
RELI 30743 Religion, Art & Visual Culture

RTVF 10053 Survey of Film

THEA 30103 Theatre History I
THEA 30113 Theatre History II