Guide to Liberal Arts

Understanding liberal arts

Purpose of Liberal Arts

To ensure our students receive a chiefly general education so they can develop broad intellectual abilities through areas of studies including the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.


The Schieffer School is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.  One of the requirements to be accredited is that students take at least 65 hours in the liberal arts.



When Liberal Arts Hours Should Be Calculated

Students and their academic advisers should calculate liberal arts hours, to ensure that students are earning at least 65 hours in the liberal arts, only if students are working toward a degree in journalism or strategic communication and a second major or area of emphasis in one of these programs or colleges:

·      Colleges of Business, Education, or Nursing

·      College of Communication (both Communication Studies and Film, Television & Digital Media)

·      Computer Science/Computer Information Technology

·      Engineering

·      Fashion Merchandising/Interior Design

·      Ranch Management

Or if students are working on minors in these areas:

·      Computer Science/Computer Information Technology

·      Education Studies

·      Kinesiology

·      Lighting for Visual Presentation

·      Ranch Management


 See here for a list of recommended minors.


What Counts?

The list below details those departments where you can be virtually sure to get a liberal arts course.  Below that are liberal arts courses found in areas where you typically do not find such courses.


Every class in the following departments is considered to be a liberal art:


Only specific classes in the subjects listed below are considered to be liberal arts:  (These classes may or may not be open to all majors.  Some require pre-reqs.) 


*All courses in SOWO except the ones listed below are considered to be liberal arts:


Please ask your faculty adviser if you have any question about a specific course not listed.